Side Mounted Springs in Vancouver

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 Side Mounted Springs that are needed to be adjusted

View of a blue side mounted spring that is not the right kind of spring for the homeowners door.

Side-mounted Spring that has been improperly installed on a door that is not compatible with the springs that the homeowner purchased off of home depot. These springs where too powerful for his operator. A reduced spring size had to be installed for the door to properly lift / close.

View of a self insulated door.

Insulated Door that has been insulated by the homeowner. This tactic is not suggested as it will weight the door more than the springs are designed too. you can carefully look at the picture and you will see that there is two different springs on his door. This had to be corrected.

View of the inner workings of a garage door opener.

New Gear that has been added to a older motor. Customer installed gear kit. The customer forgot to grease the inner gear and wondered why his gear was always failing. It is essential that the gear is greased to avoid any breakage.

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