Garage Door Safety Sensor in Vancouver Failure

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Garage Door Safety Sensor  in Vancouver Failure

Marrets are required on photo eye safety sensors that are black taped.

Garage Door Photo Eye that you can see in the picture has some black tape on the connecting wires. This black tape is a concern that causes problems over a couple seasons of use. The wires contact and expand with seasons and the inner connection under the tape fails. The tape had to be removed and the wires reconnected with proper wire nuts (marrets)

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Black tape holding the photo eye sensors contacts together. All safety sensors where rewired and aligned properly. The homeowner was shown a little video of the before and after. It is something else to actually see the safety light flicker as you wiggle the black tape. A connection that is not true will cause the door to not close properly. Any photo eye issue will make the door not want to close. If you have a issue please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can discuss any garage door problems that you may have.

Wire nut required where black tape was used to hold the wire connections together.

View of the internal connection under the tape. You can see the wires are not truly connected. This is a common blunder done without the installer knowing that a issue will erupt over time. Please always use a wire nut to assure a safe and true wire connection is made.

Black tape connection is faulty. This is a issue. Please let a service technician wire all safety related wires.

Another view of the inner wiring of the photo eyes under the black tape wrap.

Safety sensor wires that are almost connected. This is view is a picture that was taken in the midst of repairs to show you the process.

The picture shows the technician (Lenn) rewiring the safety sensors. You will see the nice pigtail curl that has been applied.

Photo eye sensor with updated wire connection.

After safety sensors have been aligned and rewired. You can see the wire nuts are nice and tight holding the wire together with no connection issue.

Photo eye that has been repaired you will see the wire nuts are tightly attached.

Another Safety Sensor with wire that has been reattached with wire nuts.

Attached wirenuts and realigned safety sensor transmitter (orange lighted sensor)

Properly attached safety sensor wires with wire nuts (Marrets). This angle you can see the new pigtail and that the wire nuts are attached.

photoeye sensor that has been wired with telephone wire.

Inner connection that shows the thin wire connections that where used for the photo eyes. It is not advised to use telephone wire as the wire is very fragile has a high probability of breaking with any bit of movement.


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