Garage Door Cable Adjustment Required in Vancouver

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Cable Adjustment Required for Garage Door to Open and Close Properly

Cable that is not properly aligned on the Drum.

Right Garage Door Drum that has the lifting cable not properly set. This cable is required to be aligned properly for your door to safely operate. The cables are holding your door in position and is responsible for the safe transferring of energy from the springs to the door. Your cables are essential and require service with any sign of problems.

Bottom seal retainer that requires additional fasteners

View of Bottom Retainer that is coming away from bottom edge of door. You can also see the nice wood texture that is stamped into the steel.

Cable that is properly set in the drum

View of drum that has the cable reset / realigned. This realignment will make the door travel properly in the track.

Bend in garage door track

View of Vertical garage door track that has a slight bend in the track. Bends like this can cause undesired sound and /or a bumpy door travel.

track that has all the bends removed

Track that has all the unwanted bends removed.

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