Double Spring Change in Richmond

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Double Spring Change in Richmond

broken spring in richmond. Call 604-940-8918 to book an appointment

Spring that is broken. You can see the metal that has fractured. This is a common occuranc, it isn’t a question of IF your garage door spring will break it is a matter of WHEN it will break. The average life span of a spring is 6-8 years. A home that uses their garage door like a front door should expect spring to break in under 6 years.


Broken Spring that needs to be replaced

View of spring that shows the broken area. You can see the gap that is the area in which the spring broke. Both springs will need to be replaced.


Double Spring change completed

Double spring change that has been completed. You can see the two new springs that have been installed.


Dry and scratched Trolley Tbar that requires some grease for quite smooth operation.

View of T-bar Rail that extends from the Garage door motor to the wall that the garage door is for. You can see the metal rail is dry and lacking grease. Dry and scratched Trolley Tbars require grease for quite smooth operation.


Grease added to garage door trolley trail.

LiftMaster Belt Drive Trolley Rail (TBar) that has just been greased. This grease is essential for a quite and smooth running door.


Tight nuts on a Garage door hinge.

Tightened Nuts on a hinge that once had them loose.


Loose Hinge Nuts. Call 604-940-8918 and we can discuss any repairs you need

View of a garage door hinge that has loose nuts that are needing to be tightened. These loose nuts can cause unwanted noise and can cause damage to the door over time. Please call us if you think your garage door is in need of repair. Call 604-940-8918 and we can discuss any repairs you Require.


Excellent view of a loose garage door nut

Garage Door Hinge with a Loose Nut


Hinge that is missing a nut.

Garage Door hinge that is missing a thru-bolt nut. This is quite common on wood doors that have not seen regular maintence.


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