Limit Module Replacement in LiftMaster Belt Drive in Richmond

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Limit Module Replacement in LiftMaster Belt Drive in Richmond

2019 Limit Module Replacement for a 2014 Belt Drive Garage Door Motor

Limit Module that required replacement due to unbalanced door being lifted over a long period of time seems to of caused a failure in the component. The behavior was that there was improper moment in the opening and closing of the door.

View of New Limit Module that has been replaced.

New Limit Module. You can see the manufactured date on the sticker. This part was mailed to our location and we replaced the part at the homeowners convenience.

Old Limit module with 2014 Manufactured date sticker.

Old limit module that required replacement. The old date on the sticker is a 2014 year. Five year of heavy use without proper door balancing seems to have caused this part to fail. This is not a common part to fail, but it does happen.

Openein liftmaster opener that has a limit module that needs to be replaced.

Opened LimitMaster garage door opener. This is the first step in replacing the limit module. We suggest that you have a professional technician perform all the assembly and disassembly of the components so no extra damage will occur. Call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can arrange a professional to repair and door repairs that you have.

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