Hinge that has been Damaged from Excess in Vancouver

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Hinge that has been Damaged from Excess in Vancouver

You can see in the picture that a photo eye has been repaired. The old Photo eye was removed from the assembly and replaced with a brand new one. You can see the green glow of light on the receiver. This is normal. Green led signals that the safety system is operating in a normal state. If you think you need repairs on y our garage door please call us and we can book you a appointment. Call 604-940-8918 and we can arrange for your garage door to be fixed.

View of top section of a garage door that needed to be stabled together with a piece of punched angle. This top section was separated from excessive pulling and use. This is a serious issue. Please call us at: 604-940-8918

Hinge Replacement from excessive use. This is a common issue that will need to be examined during the lifespan of you garage door. A hinge will not last forever, so you have to keep in mind that wear and tear is a issue that you have to keep in mind. The more you use your door the more damage will ultimately occur. In this situation most of the hinges were damage and needed to be replaced.

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