Ladner / Delta Area Garage Door Motor Replacement with Weather Stripping

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Ladner / Delta Area Garage Door Motor Replacement with Weather Stripping

Garage Door with Weather Stripping Applied. You can see the weather stripping hug the door from the outside and will stop all the air that is flows in the from the gaps. The weather stripping is standard on new installations, so when a older door has sealant issues weather stripping is a important feature that you can add.

View of the applied weather stripping on the beautiful wood doors. The customer was extremely happy that he finally has weather stripping.

View of door with weather stripping in Ladner. If you need weather stripping please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can arrange for your door to be fully weather ready.

View of garage door with gaps that make the garage colder in the winter and hot in the summer. The opposite of what is really wanted. You want your garage to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You can see the garage door has gaps along the edge that are needed to be sealed with weather stripping. This is the gaps that the customer was concerned about.

Nice view of top of garage door that has air gaps. This view is before the weather stripping has been applied.

After new LiftMaster Belt Drive motor has been installed in replacement of the older garage door motor that was operating the door for the last 30 years. This new motor has WiFi and a modern security system that assures that your door is in a highly modern.

View of pickup arm that is attached to the new belt drive motor. This pickup arm is very similar to the previous one that was installed. you can see the new trolley has a modern emergency release handle that allows you to open the garage door in a emergency.

View of new photo eyes installed on door.

weather stripping light reduction

View of light from inside the garage. This is from no weather stripping applied to the door. All the light will be eliminated from the door entry once the weather stripping is applied.

New LiftMaster control panel installed beside the older garage door opener switch. This new control panel has many more feature than the other garage door motor that was replaced.

ladner delta homeowners gaps along garage door

Top seal along door that has no weather stripping. The homeowner has decided to install weather stripping because of the amount of gaps along the door. There was light and air coming in for years and this last winter was so cold that the decision was made to install weather stripping.

New LiftMaster garage door motor with belt drive in Ladner / Delta area

After new LiftMaster garage door motor has been installed in replace of the old garage door motor that failed.

safety sensor in ladner / delta area

Photo eye installed where there was no safety system installed. This is a new feature that adds another layer of protection for your family / users of the garage door.

belt drive pickup trolley assembly in Ladner

View of pickup arm that is newly installed with the belt drive.

Before control panel wall buttons are replaced with new activation panel.

Light that is peering in from the outside from the fact that no weather stripping has been applied.

Before new photo eye sensor has been applied. This new garage door motor has new safety features that provides you with enhanced peace of mind for the operators of the door.

Good view of the effects of a smiling door. Where the cables pull up on a wood door for over 20 years and cause a warping of the door. This warping is upward from the cables constantly pulling and the wood door flexing.

Old Pickup arm that has been assembled in slightly the wrong position. There is too much angle on the pickup arm fro the door to operate as designed. Please call us if you think that your door has been installed incorrectly or are just needing some repair work on your garage door. Call 604-940-8918

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