LiftMaster Whisper Drive with Failed Belt and Gear Assembly in Vancouver

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LiftMaster™ Whisper Drive with Failed Belt and Gear Assembly in Vancouver

Inside the garage door operator exposing the gear assembly that you can see that the gear is shredded with white shavings thrown all around the inside of the garage door operator.

View of the belt that the garage door uses to lift and lower the grage door you will see that the rubber is worn away exposing the radial belt cables that are inside the belt. These stainless steel radial wires that are inside the belt allow the belt to have the same strength as the chain drive. The belt drives have a lifetime warranty.

Belt that is damaged from excess wear and tear. This is a serious issue, the belts are extreamly strong and even with this damage visible the belt will continue to work for a long time. It was advised to the homeowner that to replace the gear assembly and the belt it would be a wise move to just upgrade the whole system to a modern garage door opener.

During the inspection of the gear kit assembly, the exposed belt issue came to light. After the homeowner was informed of the belt issue a complete replacement was chosen as the route of repair. Please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can talk to you about your garage door needs.

Before new wall button control panel is installed.

Old photo eye sensors that need to be replaced during new motor installation. The new sensors are compatible with the new motor, it is good practice to replace the sensors as well even though the old ones are compatible with the new garage door system.

After the installation is completed. You will see the beautiful garage door motor that is now installed. This operator has been full installed and programmed. This new LiftMaster motor has a WiFi internet module that will allow you to open and close your door remotely.

After new sensors have been installed you will see that the installer (Lenn) has been installed neatly.

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