Garage Door Operator Upgrades in Maple Ridge

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Garage Door Operator Upgrades in Maple Ridge

View of Old LiftMaster 1/3 Horse Power – Chain Drive Opener with no safety sensors

View of New LiftMaster opener – This new opener has WiFi and has enhanced safety and security systems that the older LiftMaster was void of. This new motor is modern with all the safety features you would expect out of any new equipment.

View of garage that is full of junk that poses a balancing act to install / repair any garage door assemblies. Please if your garage looks like this and you need garage door servicing please clear it away. This amount of clutter can pose a safety risk for both you and the people that are in contact with the doors operation. If you need to talk to someone about this please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can schedule a repair of your garage door.

View of newly installed LiftMaster Chain Drive Opener.


View of new T-Rail installed after old T-Rail is removed.

Cables all messed up. This is a serious issue. If you see your garage door cables all scrambled and looking like this. You are in need of immediate garage door repair. Please call us at: 604-940-8918

Cable that has been detached from bottom section of garage door. The cable needs to have tension so this cable issue does not happen. Cables that come off a garage door will cause serious issues. Cables are required to lift and lower the door, and if the cables are not setup properly the door will not operate as prescribed.

Chain drive with sagging chain – this chain sag can be a early visual symptom of a larger issue. This lack of chain tension can be caused from a Drive Gear Pin that is bent and about to fail.

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