Sideways Garage Door Caused from Cable Unwinding from Drum in Richmond

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Sideways Garage Door Caused from Cable Unwinding from Drum in Richmond

Sideways door was created from a cable that transfered all the force from one side of the door to the other. A sideways looking door is not what any homeowner wants to see. Please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we will fix your sideways door.

View of cable wrapped around torsion bar making the door unmovable. This door put in a state where the door requires a service technician to repair the issue.

Torsion bar with a cable that is in the wrong position. This issue is a serious one. Make sure you do not try to operate the door when it looks like it does in the picture.

Left drum on garage door that has the cables properly set on the drum. You will see the red paint on the drum this red coloring indicates that the parts are for the left side of the door. Black sprayed parts are for the right side of the garage door.

View showing the non insulated door that has warping on the sections. It is hard to truly see in the pictures but when you are person you can really see major warping.

Left side of garage door that has a cable rubbing against the track radius. If you look closely you will see that the cable is actually frayed and has integrity damage. This frayed wire is the cause of one side of the door to lift up letting a light peer in.

Door with the cables and torque adjustments all setup. You can see the straight level section that has no warps in the edges. A true looking edge.


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