Gear Kit Needed – Heavy Door Stripped Gear on Garage Door Motor

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Heavy door in Vancouver caused garage door motor / gear to fail.

A gear kit is needed for a customers garage door to discover a constant humming sound from the operator resulting in the door not opening. This problem is fairly common when a garage door is not properly balanced, usually due to lack of maintenance or a seasonal change.  The technician can quickly discover this issue, as white powder / fluff will be leaking out of the garage door motor’s case. Inside the operator the gear has been shredded to bits from the motor.  A damaged gear will cause the operator to output a constant humming sound when the gear is not making contact. A gear can be damaged when the gear assembly is not properly greased during the lifespan of the motor. A gear assembly should be greased every three years to assure that no friction/heat is attained during the lifting and lowering of the garage door.

White plastic fluff all inside the garage door motor in vancouver

View inside the garage door motor showing the plastic fluff that is generated from the grinding of the two gears.

Technician exposing the inner working so a gear kit can be replaced in the operator

View of a garage door motor opened to expose all the inner workings.

Contact arm bent resulting in a door that is not closing in the correct position.

View of a limit assembly with a bent contact arm. A issue with damaged / old garage door motors


Corrected Travel Limit Contact – you can see the electrical contact arm is straight and unbent.

View of inside garage door opener after freshly greased gear has been installed.

Gear Kit / Operator Reassembled with new gear and fresh grease on the sprocket / gear teeth.

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