Sandstone Install with Stockton Glass Top Sections

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With this install we were removing and disposing our customers original wood doors and upgrading him with (2) 9 x 7 Therma Tech T128 Insulated Steel Doors in Sandstone.  The sandstone color was a nice choice for our customers house as it made the bricks on the exterior stand out more adding a beautiful finishing touch to the entire look of the house. Our customer also chose to go with the Stockton style glass top sections which helped break down the look of the doors. Glass is something that is quite popular with newer garage doors as the glass helps let some light inside which can come in handy in the case of a power outage.

With the doors we included a 2″ Standard Lift Hardware as well as perimeter weather stripping which helps keep the garage door extra insulated as well as can help keep some unwanted critters out of your garage door. At this time our customer didn’t need to replace his garage door motors so we provided him with a free general service to them making sure that all the bearings and gears were lubed to help keep down the wear and tare of the parts, which in the end adds for longer lasting parts. We also made sure that once the doors were installed that everything was balanced and aligned accordingly, while finishing the job with testing the safety photo eyes before leaving site for smooth operation.

Installation of Therma Tech T128 Insulated Steel Doors

T128 Sandstone

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