Double Spring Change

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With this service call our customer called in saying that they were unable to open their garage door but it sounded like the motor was still working fine. When we got to site we could see that they had a broken spring and that was why they were unable to open their door. When a spring breaks it usually makes a loud bang when it comes down if it breaks while closing or sometimes even just breaks on its own while trying to open the garage door. When you have a double car garage door there is a spring on each side and usually it breaks one spring at a time so people think that they just need to replace one of the springs but that is not the case as it is only a matter of time before the other spring breaks as well.

Once we had the broken spring down we installed the new spring then provided our customer with a free general service to their garage door and motor. Whenever we do a “general service” it includes balancing the door, tightening the fasteners, lubing the bearings and gears and then finishing the job with testing the safety system before leaving site. We always provide this with any service call we have as it is very important to make sure everything is balanced and aligned accordingly as well as lubed to prevent squeaking but also to keep down the wear and tare on parts, which in the end makes them last longer. Your garage door is an important part of your house as you learn quickly that when something goes wrong it becomes a bit of a panic so scheduled maintenance is required to keep things running smoothly at all times.

broken spring replacement delta bc

broken spring

new double springs in 2 car garage delta bc

new spring

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