Therma Tech 10C Before and After

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With this install we were removing our customers existing door and replacing it with the Therma Tech Insualted Steel Door Model 10C in white. As you can see if the before picture our customers previous door was white as well which made the door stand out and accented nicely with the white trim around the house. Our customer also chose to have a glass top section with this door in the Stockbridge model. Glass is something that is fairly popular with newer doors as it allows light inside the garage and also adds a nice finishing touch to the door rather than having it all solid with no windows. Model 10C is a carriage panel style which people usually chose to add what we call a “Deco Kit” which is the handles and hinges that you see in the after photo. In this case our customer chose the Deco Kit C which is one of three options we have. The Deco Kits don’t seem to be as popular with the other Therma Tech style doors but in this case it adds a beautiful touch to the carriage panel giving it a bit of a western look.

With the door our customer also chose to upgrade their opener to the Liftmaster 8355 Belt Drive Opener. When choosing an opener we always like to take into consideration whether or not you have a bedroom above the garage. If that is the case then we suggest switching to a belt drive opener rather than a chain drive just because the belt drives are more quieter and less likely to be heard by the bedroom above. With the opener we included 2 remotes and a digital entry. The digital entry is what you use on the outside of the garage doors that allow access to the garage with typing in a desired code into the pin pad. This comes in handy when you don’t have as many remotes or even if you have lost one, that way you just have to enter your code to get into the garage whenever you need to. Once we had the door and opener installed we made sure that the door was balanced as it should be and everything was aligned accordingly, while finishing the job with lubing the bearings and gears and testing the safety sensor photo eyes before leaving site.

replacing and old door with Therma Tech 10c in Delta BC


New Therma Tech 10c installed Delta bc



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