LiftMaster Belt Drive Opener Installed in Central Tsawwassen

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LiftMaster™ Belt Drive Opener Installed in Central Tsawwassen

With this service call our customer called in saying that her opener wasn’t working properly and that she wanted a Liftmaster belt drive opener. When we arrived on site we saw that this customers opener was over 20 years old.  A garage doors opener doesn’t last forever, so when a motor has outlived it’s prescribed lifetime, the only options is to remove and replace the operator with a modern opener.   Our customer chose the LiftMaster Model 8550 Belt Drive Opener that has a internal battery backup. Having a battery backup will let you open your garage door during a power interruption.  This install also included a wireless digital entry keypad which allows access to the garage door from the outside without a remote. Once the opener has been installed the digital keypad is programed with the customers four digit secret code.

Included Maintenance Service Package

The installation of a new garage door motor always comes with a maintenance package that assures that your door is running how the manufacture has instructed.  Our maintenance service package assures that the garage door is balanced and aligned accordingly.  The maintenance of a residential garage door requires lubrication of all the bearings and gears yearly to assure that everything runs smoothly. We finish the job with final testing of the safety system for a smooth and safe operation.


Liftmaster 8550 belt drive opener hanging from ceiling in richmond

LiftMaster™ Model 8550 Belt Drive Opener


Liftmaster Digital Entry installed on exterior wall in delta

LiftMaster™  Model 877 Wireless Digital Entry

Wall button mounted on wall with display panel.

LiftMaster™  Model 888 Control Panel


LiftMaster Belt Drive Opener – 2017 Install

LiftMaster Belt Drive Opener – 2016 Install


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