Broken Spring Results in Double Spring Change in Richmond

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Broken Spring Results in Double Spring Change in Richmond

With this service call our customer had noticed they had a damaged spring as their door would not open.  You can see that the spring is separated in the picture.  Seeing the damaged spring can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with what you are looking for.  When we arrived on  site we could see that the spring was in fact broken and needed a double spring change. Once we had removed the spring with the issue, we then installed the new springs with proper tension set. When we finished installing the new springs the garage door worked fine. Once the door was properly balanced the technician tightened all the fasteners and applied fresh lubrication to all of the bearings and rollers.   Once the door runs smoothly a through testing of the safety system is performed before leaving the site.

Broken Spring - Both Springs will need to be replaced

Broken Spring on the Right results in a double spring change

How to tell if you have a broken spring

Double Spring Change – 2016 Install

Install of springs – 2018 Install


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