Liftmaster Model 8165 Chain Drive Opener Installed in Richmond

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LiftMaster™ Model 8165 Chain Drive Opener Installed in Richmond

In Richmond our customer called in saying that they were having troubles with their old Stanley opener. It was decided that we should upgarde their old opener with a LiftMaster™ Model 8165 opener.  We provided our customer with a solid 8 foot T-Bar, one remote, and a wireless keypad entry. Once we installed the remote and programmed the keypad and finished the job with a general service.  The service package assures that everything is adjusted and balanced accordingly.  The maintenance package includes assuring that the springs are at the right tension, tightening of the fasteners and a through lubrication of all the rollers and hinges.  A final testing of the safety system is performed to ensure that the door will reverse when a issue is encountered.

LiftMaster 8165 Chain Drive Opener

Old Stanley Opener

New LiftMaster Model 8165 Chain Drive Opener Hanging from Ceiling

New LiftMaster Model 8165 Opener

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener – 2016 Installed

LiftMaster Chain Drive – Manufacture Specifications


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