Garage Door General Service Call in Ladner Delta Area

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General Service Call for a Garage Door in Ladner Delta Area

In Ladner, a customer phoned in and described a situation where their garage door would not open. When we arrived on site we checked the opener to make sure it was working without any damage.  In the process of checking the motor it became known that there was a track out of alignment.  With the motor verified to be working, the springs needed to be checked next.

Spring Adjustment / Spring Torque Change

The process of adding torque to a spring is dangerous and should only be done by a properly trained professional. Adjusting the springs generally means to balance the door so the door does not lift by itself or drop to the floor when released.  If your door ever slams to the floor or is heavy to lift then that is a sign that your springs need to be adjusted.

Manual Lift Snap Latch Handle

A snap latch handle was also installed on their door so that they could open it manually, which offers lots of possibilities in all kinds of events. Once the handle was installed the technicians assured that the garage doors hinges all had the right amount of lubrication applied.  The maintenance package also assures that all the fasteners are tight with the right amount of torque applied.  The last part of the General Service package is a series of safety tests that will run the door in a series of situations to determine how the safety system is operating.    The garage door will be safe for using once the technician leaves the site/location.

Handle Installed Garage Door in Lander / Delta

Handle Installed – Garage Door in Lander / Delta

Broken Spring – Service Call – 2018 Service

General Service Call in Tsawwassen – 2017 Service

General Garage Door Service Call In Ladner – 2016 Delta Service

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