Double Spring Change in Delta for a Garage Door

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Delta Garage Door Double Spring Change

With this garage service call we worked with a broken spring in Delta for our established garage door customer. Our customer called in saying that they were having troubles opening their garage door but they didn’t think it was an opener problem. When we got to site we could see clearly that they had a broken spring and that was why they were unable to open their garage door.  As you can see in the before picture the spring broke from overuse.  A typical spring will perform 10,000 cycles before failure. Lots of people think that a garage door is lifted by the motor but in fact the door is lifted by the springs. Once the new spring was installed we provided our maintenance package that consists of a general service to our customers garage door.  The service package includes the balancing of the door and thorough check of all the doors assembly and fasteners.  During seasonal changes a doors fasteners can become loose and cause issues.  Our technicians assure that all fasteners are proper holding the hinges and track in position.  Lubrication is added to all the hinges and bearings which will make any unwanted noise is muted.  The testing of the safety system will mark the completion of the job.

Broken Spring for Delta Garage Door

Broken Spring before repair in Garage Door

New Installed Spring for Garage Door in Delta

New Installed Spring for a Garage Door in Delta


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