LiftMaster 8355 Motor installation in Port Coquitlam.

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LiftMaster 8355 Motor installation.

View of new wall-mount garage door opener.

Our technician has installed a new LiftMaster 8355 Motor. Here you can see the new wall-mount garage door opener. With this installation, the homeowner can download an app that allows them to open/close the garage door from anywhere, get notifications on when the door has been used and much more.

View of the new photo eye sensors.

Here you can see the brand new photo eye sensors installed.

View of new LiftMaster 8355 Motor installation.

The final look of the new LiftMaster 8355 Motor installed in this homeowners garage! As always, our technician finishes the job with making sure the door is balanced, the fasteners are tightened, the bearings are lubed, and that the safety system is tested.


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