Wayne Dalton Chain Drive Replaced with LiftMaster Belt Drive in Burnaby

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Old Chain Drive Motor Replaced with LiftMaster Belt Drive in Burnaby

View of old sensors that will be removed and replaced with new sensors.

Old Sensor that will be removed during the install of the new LiftMaster motor. These sensors may be compatible but, it was decided to fully replace all senors with the new ones.

View of garage door button that will be replaced with new control panel.

Old wall button that looks like a door bell, is actually a door activation button. This button will be replaced with a new wall button control panel with more options than this old momentary contact button.

View of sensor that has been replaced with new Liftmaster sensor.

You can see the new sensor has installed in replacement of old sensors. You can see the green light indicates that the transmitter has successfully sent a safety signal to this sensor.

View of belt drive operator made by LiftMaster has just been installed in replacement of the old generation garage door motor.

View of freshly installed motor that is ready for operation. This new style motor has the built in WiFi system that will allow the motor to be used with a Android or Iphone device. This makes remote operations possible with a higher degree of security.

Another view of the freshly installed motor. You can see that this motor has 2 lights and will illuminate the garage effectively.

View of new control panel that has new modern options that the old garage door operator was lacking.

You can see that this new control panel is much better than the old panel.

View of older garage door motor that has lived it's life. This motor is about to be replaced with a modern motor.

Old Wayne Dalton motor that is about to be replaced. You can see the this old motor has a receiver tat is attached onto the back of the motor. This is the first indication that the motor is from a different generation.

Wayne Dalton motor that is about to be replaced. This motor is broken and needs to be replaced.

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