Non Insulated Steel Door Hit

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Semi-Insulated Steel Garage Door Vs Car

This stile has been repaired. You can see the smaller screws didn’t hold the door together. The adjustment of the screws were essential for the door to hold together.

You can see the original screws that are fastened to the door needed to be adjusted. The tearing of the door needs to be repaired for the integrity to hold

View showing the damage to the door that needs to be repaired for the integrity to be maintained.

before the repairs are completed. The technician “Lenn” was able to get some steel strips to reinforce the doors stile so that the door will not flex when lifting / lowering of the door.

After the repairs are completed you can see that the doors integrity has been returned. This repair will last a long time (until the door is hit again)

The final view of the repairs. This is a secure fix.

A strut has been added to the door to assure the door will not flex. This strut will assure that the door has no flexing during the lifting and closing of the door.

A nice view of the strut’s final placement on the door. The spring has been adjusted to reflect this extra weight that is now added to the door.

The limit sensor / switch upon inspection was just hanging from the trolley’s rail. This wire needs to be reattached and the sensor brought back to the proper position.

View of the door that has been repaired with the strut holding the door in a nice and straight position.

Damaged strut that needs to be replaced so the door does not hold in the bent position that the strut is positioned too.

Door stile that has come apart from the car hit situation. You can see the technician is in the midst of repairing the damaged stile.

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