Garage Door with Bottom Fixture Banana Peeled Back from Cable Tension

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Garage Door with Bottom Fixture Banana Peeled Back from Cable Tension


View of bottom fixture that is broken with cable attached still.

Bottom fixture that has been peeled back like a banana. This bent metal has been pulled from the springs pulling up on the cable. The metal over the years has been rubbing against foundadtion concrete edgeing that was not removed on original install.

View of bottom fixture that has been heavily damaged from cable pulling up.

You can see the heavy scribe that goes along the edge of the fixture. You can also see the metal is pulled back along the edge of the scoring. This is a serious issue and caused the door to be jammed and unmovable.

View of replacment part that has been replaced.

Replaced bottom fixture. You can see the fresh steel that will last for years. And the cable has been reattached to the new fixture. This part is ready for reattaching.

View of roller that has been heavily grease from over track lubrication

This excessive grease has collected on the roller and has caused quite the mess. The rollers need to have friction when traveling in the track. Rollers that don’t roll will slide and make little flat marks on the sliding edge of the roller. This will defiantly cause garage door movement / sounds that are unwanted.

You can see there is concrete that runs up along the edge of the opening. This edge of the concrete will need to be chipped away so the new bottom fixture does not get damaged like the original one.

After concrete edge has been chipped away. Lenn had to use his hammer drill with a flat bar to chip away the concrete. After the excess concrete has been knocked out the bottom fixture will not be able to grind away and cause the door to fail again.

View of double spring change that is required on a 16x8 wooden garage door in Surrey

The spring change was next up on the repair list. Once the bottom fixture was replaced it was time to replace the broken spring. The spring change is a easy repair compared to a difficult cable issue that can be tricky.


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