Gear Kit Install in Richmond

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Gear Kit Install in Richmond

View of new nylon gear.

After new gear has been installed. If you look closly you can see some white grease on the white nylon gear. This is important to have lubrication in between the gears teeth. This grease will assure that the gear doesn’t melt during operation. The gear should be looked at every few years so that a technician can grease the inner gear to avoid any issues.

view of inside the garage door operator. This view shows the motor / gear kit assembly and logic board of the main motor.

Closer view of the new gear kit that as been installed.


View of rail that has just been greased.

Chain drive Trolley rail with grease on the rail. This grease is important for the rail to glide along the garage door boom smoothly.

View of inner gear that needs to be changed. The gear snow is common that piles up.

Operator that has been opened and Inner gear kit that has been shredded from use. You can see the white powder that has been piling up. This gear snow is common when you have a heavy door that has been lifted continually with the operator. This gear will need to be replaced for the door to operator properly.

View of gear that has been destroyed.

Close up Inner gear view that has been fully destroyed. This gear has seen the end of it’s life. We can provide gear kit installs. Please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can arrange repairs with you.

View of gear that has been shredded. The gear is only nylon so it will give when there is too much resistance.

Initial view of gear that has been over used. This gear is replaceable and will need to be changed for the garage door to work properly.


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