Gear Kit Installed in Ladner

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Gear Kit Installed in Ladner

Upon first opening the enclosure on the LiftMaster the technician finds plastic snow like fluff. This plastic power is a indication that your internal nylon drive gear has been overloaded. A drive gear is a part that has been designed to break. If you find that there is white fluff/power around your motor please call us.

Inner view of the inside of the Garage door motor (LiftMaster Brand). This white plastic powder is not snow. It is the internal gear that has been shredded from the drive motor trying to lift the door. Once your gear starts to lose it’s teeth the motor will begin to lift and lower the door in a way that is not standard. You will find that your door will not close all the way or open all the way. And in some cases it will just stop without even moving at all. In most of the cases though when the gear has completed it’s life cycle, the motor will just make a humming sound and your door will not move.


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