Steel Door Repair in Richmond

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Steel Door Repair in Richmond


View of pickup bracket that has torn away from it's mounting position.

Heavy door caused the motor to pull up on the door and cause damage to the top section. This windowed top section usually requires a little bit of extra support to handling the long term opening and closing duty cycles that are placed on them. This little area between the windows is crucial to have supported properly. As you can see if not damage will occur.

Top section that has a center stile that is damaged from a heavy door being pulled up from the motor.

Close up view of pickup bracket that is tearing away from top section.

View of damage from pickup bracket

View of the pulling of the bracket showing the damage that will be made from the operator pulling up from a heavy door that is not balanced properly. Balancing the door is a routine repair that should be done whenever the door will have a weight change. Usually this can occur during seasonal changes, this door is a steel door so the weight is not a critical changing value.

View of repaired top section.

Repair of center stile that has been repaired with a support pickup bar. This stile support bar has been installed to insure that the top window section will not get damaged.

View of pickup arm that has been installed and is not ready for operation.

Pickup arm that has been repaired and will bring the safety and the stability of the door back and above the manufactures requirements.

Two spring that have been removed from the garage door to be replaced. You will see that the top spring is broken while the bottom one doesn’t look broken. Both springs are actually damaged and should not be used, as even though the bottom spring doesn’t look damaged there is equally number of cycles placed on the spring. So it is a week away from breaking as well. We assure that we replaced both springs during a spring change. We will never just change one spring in a duel spring assembly.

View of spring repair and stile repair completed.

After spring change and center stile have been repaired. You will see that the new springs are mounted and ready for operation. This door is ready for use.

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