Pickup Arm Re-positioned and Trolley End Bracket Adjusted in Burnaby

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Pickup Arm Re-positioned and Trolley End Bracket Adjusted in Burnaby


Re-positioned Pickup arm that has been moved to a position so that the windowed section does not have any extra stress on the narrow style position. This is a critical repositioning that will assure that the door will last the test of time.

Trolley end bracket reposition and painted. This slight adjust will make the trolley not slide along the top of the ceiling. This adjustment is critical for the homeowner to not have any stresses.

The gouging of the ceiling from the trolley top bracket being mounted to high. This repair is essential for the door to be smooth and damage free.

View of the repairs of the end bracket being repositioned.

After the bracket has been painted and repositioning along the wall. This is a beautiful looking repair compared to the damage that was occurring from the bracket being in the wrong position.

View of the trolley that has been adjusted.

After the repairs have been completed and the gouges filled in with caulk medium.

Before the pickup arm has been adjusted and the repairs started. This is the initial view upon seeing what was needed to be done. The view doesn’t show the ceiling gouging.

Before the top bracket has been adjusted. You can see the boom is touching the ceiling.

Perfect view of the belt drive trolley cable end gouging the top of the ceiling.

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