Garage Door Motor Gear Kit Replacement Needed for Operator

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Garage Door Gear Kit Replacement in Vancouver

Gear kit Replacement

The inside of the operator showing that the gear has been shredded. This gear is a replacement part that is able to be replaced fairly quickly.

View of RPM sensor that needs to be blown on to remove the particles that have collected all over the sensor.

This is a view of the RPM Sensor on the operator that shows some gear particles that have been shredded off the nylon gear. These little white specs will cause the motor to behave not as desired. These white bits will need to be removed for the door to smoothly operate.

View of RPM sensor that has been fully cleaned.

Cleaned view of the RPM sensor. This will work properly. This sensor uses a optical sensor that needs to be cleaned.

View of the repairring of the gear assembly.

Exposed view of the operator that been opened and ready for a new gear assembly. This is a normal part of the procedure.

Close view of the worn out gear assembly. This is a common gear that will need to be replaced.

View of cable that has been not adjusted properly.

End bearing plate that has a cable not properly on the drum. This cable will cause a noise and a issue with the door not properly leveling.

View of gap that is between the bearing plate and the drum.

This picture shows the end bearing plate that is not flush against the bearing. This will cause some noise and unwanted behavior in the doors operation.

Properly set end bearing plate that has the cable properly adjusted.


View of repaired gear kit.

Gear assembly in the operator that has been replaced and is ready for testing. You can see the grease that is on the gear in-between the teeth. This grease is essential for the gear to last longer than two weeks of usage.

Gear assembly view that shows the grease that is nicely on the gear and will make the gear last a long time. This grease comes with the assembly and will assure that the gear has the life it was rated to live.

Greased Trolley for reduced traveler noise / ware and tear.

Gear snow. This is a view of the gear assembly that has been shredded. You can see the build up of plastic particles. This looks just like snow.

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