Drive Sprocket Broken Requires Replacement Vancouver

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Drive Sprocket Broken Requires Replacement Vancouver

View of sproket that has been broken from excessive lifting.

Drive Sprocket broken showing the grindings of the stem around the opening. This drive sprocket broke from a heavy door that was lifted by the motor too many times. A heavy door is the cause of this type of damage. If you find your garage door is heavy then it would be advised to call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can arrange a technician to adjust the springs on your door to assure that damage is not occurring to your motor.

View of a garage door motor that is in the midst of being repaired.

Drive motor loosed from enclosure on the garage door motor. This is normal during the repair of the gear kit assembly. This repair is common, and can be done to your garage door motor once in it’s lifetime to extend it’s worth.

View of chain that been repaired on the sproket.  Door is ready for operation.

Repaired drive sprocket that has been fully repaired. This is a proper looking chain drive sprocket that has been repaired and is ready for use. You can see the chain is tensioned and not sagging.

View of repaired chain drive that has a new drive sprocket.

Craftsman Chain drive all repaired and ready for operation.

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