Tight Track Binding Garage Door in Richmond

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Tight Track Binding Garage Door in Richmond

View of track that needs to be adjusted.

Track showing a little rubbing along wall facia. This is a common occurrence if there is moisture in the air. Facia commonly expands during rainy seasons. This expansion will cause a garage door to rub and stall along the wall during a lift or close.

Angled cable that will cause noise when the door lifts.

Picture showing angle of cable that is not quite vertical. when the cable is not wrapping around the drum straight then you will get a cable sound that is quite loud. This adjustment is a technical one. If you see your door is making sounds that don’t sound normal then please call us and we can make adjustments. Call 604-940-8918

Cable that is aligned from drum adjustment.

Adjusted end drum that aligned the cable properly so there is no extreme angle during the lift. you can see the angle on the cable is not as large as the original view.

After Track adjustment showing a nice free floating door that is not  binding.

after Track adjustment you can see that there is a gap now along the track and the bottom fixture. This is a solution for noise and metal on metal scratching.

Track adjustment required so door will not catch on track.

Before track is adjusted, you will see the door is binding along top portion of track. This track adjustment is a common one.

Garage Door Track adjustment required

Beautiful view of track that is binding against door. You can see how tight the door is along the track and how the roller is squished tight along the hinge barrel.

Top fixture on garage door that shows that the track is almost grinding up against it.  Call us at: 604-940-8918 if you have any issues that need resolving.

Garage Door top fixture that is too tight along door edge. This adjustment is done by altering how the door is traveling in the track. Our technicians know the secrets in getting this door running smooth. This track adjustment will make the door run without any grinding or rough movement

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