Gear Kit Install in Delta

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Gear Kit Install in Delta


Photoeye Safety Sensor requiring repair. This part is broken , taped and was not functioning upon arrival. This is a issue that was easy for our technician to fix. A new bracket and wire was repaired and setup to make the motor operate again.

Gear that is broken, it seems that the gear broke in multiple parts. This week in Vancouver was a cold one and it is suggested that the cold weather didn’t help in keeping the gear in it’s designed state.

During repair of the gear kit assembly. This is a view of the gear that has fallen off the drive shaft. You can see the silver rod that is missing the vinyl gear.

Photo eye that has been rewired and a new bracket applied. You can also see the black tape has been removed from the electrical connections and the bracket has been adjusted.

After the track has been adjusted. You can see the track is no longer touching the bracket. The hangers that hold the door up in the air required adjustment. A inch adjusted was all that was required. This little bit of adjustment makes the door sound and operate as designed. If you see that your door has a unwanted noise or is just not working like it used to please call us at: 604-940-8918

Inner view of garage door motor that requires a new drive gear.

After new gear has been reinstalled in the garage door motor.

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