Cable Repair Required because of Track Misalignment in Surrey

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Cable Repair Required Track Misalignment in Surrey

Double Track with missing fastener. You will see the lower fastener that is now added. This will make the track not vibrate during use.

Track tight against garage door sections – Requiring track adjustment.

Garage Door sections sliding against track from misaligned garage door track from installation. This issue must be corrected to have a garage door that runs smoothly.

Cables touching radius in track is the root cause of this failure. The track over time worn away the cable causing the cable to fray.

Track alignment issue. This misalignment will cause issues. You will notice a little bump during the travel of the door. In a wooden door situation this can make the door rub against the door and cause a reversing of the door in a automatic door lift cycle.

View of track aligned as the manufacture advises.

Loose Fasteners on Strutt will cause unwanted sound and issues of flexing on the section.

Jam Bracket that is bent and in need of repair because of the torque from the broken cable was all translated to the other side of the door which pushed the section on a angle that was not designed for.

Bottom Roller that is out of the track. This is a serious issue and will need to be repaired before the door is used.

Fastener that is secured propery. It looks like the position of the Judas door is where the stutt has been compromised. The impacts of people pressing their feet down

Bottom Fixture with double car bottom fixture with a pulled out cable cotter pin.

You will see the door is on a angle from a cable that is broken. All the force is lifted to the one side creating a sideways looking door.

View of door with the cable not properly attached.

View of strut fastener Tightened. This strut does have force applied from people standing.

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