Chain Drive With a worn away inner sleeve / collar that requires replacement in Vancouver

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Chain Drive With a Worn Away Inner sleeve / collar that requires replacement in Vancouver


Chain drive with worn away inner sleeve. You can see the dark metal filings pile up under the sproket. This little pile of shavings is a easy indication to alert you that a failure is about to occur. This kind of damage happens over a period of time. This issue is fixed by a replacement part that our technicians all our technicians carry as a standard part in their work vans.

Side view of Sprocket that is slowly wearing away at a sleeve / collar that is replaceable. This part will require replacement because it will cause the door to not close / open as commanded.

You can see the angle that the chain is at. This shows the failure that is happening. The door will still operate like this but will have issues that will make you feel like something is about to break. Please call our head office and talk to our sales team to get a technician you. Call: 604-940-8918

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