Richmond Overhead Side Extension Spring Damaged

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Garage Door in Richmond with Damaged Overhead Side Extension Requires Repair

In Richmond a garage door was not opening properly because of a damaged Overhead Side Extension spring.  You will see in the picture that the spring steel broke away from the bracket resulting in the motor not being able to lift the door all the way open.  A motor that attempts to lift the door with a broken spring will error out with the door only lifting about a foot or two up.  Please do not try to open your door with a broken spring, the door is in a dangerous state and requires a professional to repair it.


View of Broken Side Extension Spring

Broken Overhead Side Extension Spring In Richmond

View of Side Extension Spring in need of repair in Richmond

Before Side Extension Spring is repaired in Richmond

View of damaged garage door spring that is in need of repair.

Spring that is damaged with cables no set on Pulleys properly

Repairing Side Extension Springs

Once the spring was repaired the door was able to be lifted with the automatic garage door motor without any risk of further damage.


View of Pulley that has damaged walls from the cables

Pulley with damaged walls – In need of repair

View of repaired spring - ready for normal garage door operation

Repaired spring that has the cables reset

View of new Pulley and Spring Assembly ready for operation

Repaired spring and pulley assembly – Ready for Use

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