Double Spring Change in Delta – Broken Springs

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Broken Springs in Delta Require Double Spring Change

This Monday started out with a double spring change in Ladner / Delta area.  Our technician on first inspection determined that both springs were broken.  A garage door motor with broken springs will start lifting the door and usually stop only when the door is lifted a foot or two.  If this behavior is what you are experiencing you most likely have a broken spring. When the springs are broken it is essential that you replace the springs before the motor is used.  If the garage door motor is activated when a spring is broken, the motor will attempt to lift more weight then what the motor is designed to lift.


View of two broken springs.

Before Garage Door Springs are replaced. Both are broken

View of two garage door springs that are broken in Delta

Broken garage door springs in Ladner

View of double spring change - New Springs Installed

Repaired double spring garage door springs

Operating a Garage Door Motor Operation with broken springs will cause damage to your door

View of photoeye safety wire loose along wall needing a correction.

Photo Eye Safety Sensor Wiring that has is loose along wall

view of properly fastened photo eye wire.

After Wiring has been adjusted and properly fastened to the wall.

Hinge that has barrel damage to the roller assembly

Hinge damaged – requiring replacement before door is operated

view of new hinge after replacement

Repaired hinge that was damaged.


Operating a Garage Door with broken spring will damage your door!

You will see in the picture that the pickup bracket originally was attached to the door in a position that has very little strength. A couple heavy lifts will break the material around the pickup bracket. With continual operation of a door that has improperly configured springs, unwanted extreme stresses to parts that are not designed to take the weight of the door. Please call us if you have any concerns and we can arrange a technician to repair your door. Call 604-940-8918

View of new pickup bracket style bar.

Pickup Bracket Support Style Added

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