Broken Garage Door Hinges Replaced in Ladner Delta

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Broken Garage Door Hinges Replaced in Ladner Delta

Garage Door repair in Delta required servicing with broken hinges from over use.  During our service call the technician replaced four broken parts that need replacement due to failure.  The technicians arrived on-site and found that the hinges were in fact quite broken as you can see in the before picture. Once we had safely secured the door the technician removed and replaced one hinge at a time.  The broken hinges needed to be replaced or the safely of the garage door is in question.

Broken Hinges in Delta Ladner Vancouver Area

Broken hinges will cause a variety of issues during the operation of the door, most noticeably sound.  A hinge with issues will wake the children up and cause neighbors to turn their heads.  The  garage door in Delta needed total two #3 hinges and two #4 hinges. After installing the new hinges we provided a maintenance of their garage door with our general service package.  The adjustments after the repairs to the hinges consisted of adding more tension to the springs to assure that their door is running smoothly without any safety concerns.  Lubrication and testing of the safety system thoroughly is always the last thing performed before leaving site.  We will never leave a door in a dangerous situation that may result in someone getting injured.

Before- Broken Hinges

Before Replacement of Broken Garage Door Hinges in Delta Ladner Vancouver Area

After - New Hinges Installed Garage Door Delta

After Repair of Garage Door Hinges Replaced in Ladner Delta

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