LiftMaster™ Belt Drive Opener Installation in Delta

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LiftMaster™ Belt Drive Opener Installation in Delta

With this service call we switched out an old opener and replaced it with a new one. The customer also wanted a Digital Entry Key Pad installed on the outside of the garage, this allows easy access without a remote. A new motor every five years assures your house has the maximum security.

Included Maintenance Service Package

The installation of a new garage door motor always comes with a maintenance package that assures that your door is running how the manufacture has instructed.  Our maintenance service package assures that the garage door is balanced and aligned accordingly.  The maintenance of a residential garage door requires lubrication of all the bearings and gears yearly to assure that everything runs smoothly. Before the Technicians leave, they make it a priority to test the safety system. We finish the job with final testing of the safety system for a smooth and safe operation.

LiftMaster Belt Drive Opener

LiftMaster Belt Drive Opener

Digital Entry

Old Motor Track, Showing a Door without Safety Sensors. A Motor Older Than 1993, our goal is to install safety sensors on all doors that don’t have them.

Old Wall Button without Safety Sensors. Pre 1993.




LiftMaster Belt Drive Opener – 2017 Install

LiftMaster Belt Drive Opener – 2016 Install


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