Double Spring Change in South Delta – before and after

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South Delta Double Spring Change

With this service call we were working with a double spring change in South Delta. Our customer called in saying that they were unable to open their garage door but they could still hear the motor engaging but nothing was happening. Right away we knew that it must’ve been a broken spring because the motor was still engaging. As you can see in the before picture, the spring on the right has a little gap in the middle. That gap that is visible in the springs length is what you do not want to see. Springs do have a Rating of 10,000 cycles, which on average is about 6-8 years of garage door use. When you have a door with two springs it is always recommended to change them both because both springs have the same cycle count.

Broken Spring in South Delta / Surrey Repaired

Once we had the springs installed and aligned as necessary we included a general service for our customer making sure everything was aligned, lubricated, and balanced for best operation before leaving site.


A broken spring that needs replacement. If a operator is used with a broken spring more damage can occur to both the door and the motor.

Two Replaced Garage door springs

Fixed Double Spring change for a Garage Door


Cable showing damaged strands for the garaged door

Garage Door damaged cable that needs replacement

Cable showing damaged strands. A serious safety issue if ever discovered.

Cable replacement with new one. A safety concern that is taken care of.

Replaced Cables for a garaged door.

Surrey Garage Door Install

How to tell if you have a broken spring

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