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Broken Spring

A garage door spring can break at any time of the year but during the colder weather a broken spring is something that is quite common. Although a broken spring can happen at anytime of the year, a springs life is based on the number of cycles that your door opens and closes. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is wrong with your garage door just by looking at it but a broken spring is something that can be quite obvious once you know what to look for. When a spring breaks it usually makes a loud noise. If the spring breaks when the door is open the door will slam down hard against the floor. When the spring breaks you will not be able to open your door as usual. The weight of the door is considerable so you can see that the springs are essential in the operation of your garaged door. As you can see in the before picture when a spring breaks it separates at some point and becomes two pieces.

Replacement of Spring

A double car garage will usually have two springs while a single car garage will only have one spring. If your door has two springs only one of the springs will ever break at one time but both springs will need to be replaced. The replacement of both springs is essential as both springs will be equally fatigued.

Spring Maintenance

Whenever we do a spring change not only do we change the springs but we also ensure that the balance of the door is proper. A properly balanced door will only take a couple of fingers to lift and will not drop to the ground once let go. A spring change is not complete until all the fasteners are tightened and the everything is aligned and corrected as it should be. We also check the customers garage door opener/operator to make sure that all the gears and bearings are lubricated. If you are ever unsure or start to hear noises that are not normal you can always give us a call and we will help you get things running smoothly and back ontrack. We recommend a bi-yearly regular maintenance plan. Your garage door is the largest moving thing attached to your home so ensuring that your door is operating safely is a huge part of our business. Don’t panic we will help you.

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Broken Spring
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