Therma Tech T128 Sandstone Install

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With this install we were working with removing and disposing our customers old door and installing a new 16 x 7 Therma Tech Insulated Steel Door. Our customer chose to go with the T128 model which we call the ranch panel. Our customer also chose to go with the color sandstone instead of white which was a nice choice for their house as the white would’ve stood out a bit where as the sandstone blended in with their house more. With the door we included 2″ standard lift hardware as well as perimeter weather stripping. This time of year is when weather stripping becomes very useful as it helps keep the garage insulated and heated as well as keep unwanted critters out that are trying to get away from the cold weather.

Once we had the door installed and balanced accordingly we installed our customers new opener. They chose to go with the Liftmaster 8165 Chain Drive which we included 1 remote and programmed it for our customer. After the opener was installed we made sure that everything was aligned and programmed accordingly, checking the tightness of the springs and lubing the hinges and rollers, while finishing the job with testing the safety photo cells before leaving site for smooth operation. Leaving our customer confident and happy with our install.

T128 Sandstone install in Delta BC

T128 Sandstone

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