Before and After T108

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With this install our Customer already removed and disposed of his old Garage Door. So we were working with supplying and Installing the new one.

Customer’s choice was 8 x 7 T108 Insulated Steel White Door. Coming with 2″ Standard lift hardware, Perimeter Weather Stripping now is a good time of year to consider Perimeter Weather Stripping as Winter is approaching its keeps the cold air out of your garage and cuts your heating bill down.

Our Customer also decided to upgrade there motor. to the Liftmaster 8355 Belt drive opener  as it includes 1 remote, digital entry.

Once we have the new door and motor installed we check the balance of the door, tighten the springs, tested the safety photo eyes for smooth operation before leaving the site.

Before T108 Installation in Ladner BC


after T108 installation in Ladner BC


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