Liftmaster Chain Drive Installed in West Ladner

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With this service call our customer called in saying that they were having troubles with their garage door opener and that it probably needed to be replaced. When we got to site we could see that our customer did in fact need a new opener as the one they had was very old. Our customer chose to go with the Liftmaster 8165 Chain Drive Opener for their garage door. With the opener we included 1 remote and a general service to our customers garage door. While servicing the door we noticed that our customer was missing a roller so we installed one for them while we were there. Once we had the roller in place and the opener installed, we made sure that the garage door was balanced and aligned accordingly and tightened the fasteners. Making sure that everything is balanced properly and tightened is very important and part of routine maintenance for your garage door. We also made sure that all the bearings and gears were lubed finishing the job with testing the safety system before leaving site.

8165 Chain Drive

8165 Chain Drive

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