Single Spring Change in Beautiful Vancouver

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With this service call our customer called in saying that they had a broken spring and that their garage door wouldn’t open or close. When we got to site we saw that it was just a single spring that they had so we only had to replace the one. When dealing with springs people usually think that they are all just the same but that is not the case. When changing or replacing a spring you always have to gauge it first to make sure that you get the right spring size or else the door will be very unbalanced. This job called for a yellow spring which meant the wire diameter was a certain size. You also have to be careful when changing a spring on your own because there is a left spring and a right spring and the way to tell the difference is the direction the wire goes.

Once we had the new spring installed we provided our customer with a general service to their garage door and opener. Making sure the door is balanced, adjusting the limits and tracks, while also tightening the nuts and bolts. With every service call we make sure that we check the entire door and opener to make sure that we are not missing something small that could also be causing a problem to our customers garage door, finishing each job with testing the safety system for smooth operation.

South Vancouver Broken Spring

Broken Spring

South Vancouver Spring Replacement

New Spring

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