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With this install in Ladner we were working with a 16 x 7 T128 Insulated Steel Door in white. When we first got to site we had to remove and dispose our customers previous wood door before installing the new one. With the Therma Tech Collection there is 4 choices to choose from, first one being a T108 flush panel door which means that it has no raised panels on it. The second choice we have is a T118 which is short raised panels, and then thirdly the T128 which is long raised panels, also known as ranch panel. Last but not least we have the carriage panel which is personally my favorite just because of the country style look it gives.

Our customer also chose to have glass on the top section of their door and chose stockbridge style which added to the overall look of the house. Once we had the new garage door installed we made sure everything was balanced and adjusted accordingly and provided our customer with a free general service to their garage door opener. When ever we do a general service we always make sure to check the balance of the door, make sure all bolts and fasteners are tightened, while lubing all gears and bearings as well. Lastly, with every install, service call, or any kind of work we do we always finish the job with testing of the safety system for smooth operation. This leaves our customers feeling confident with out work and helps ease them of worrying the problem will happen again.


T128 Insulated Steel Door

T128 Insulated Steel Door

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