Garage Door with Insulated Steel in Coquitlam

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Garage Door with Insulated Steel Installed in Coquitlam

With this job our team installed a garage door in Coquitlam. The owner decided on the Therma Tech™ T128 Ranch Garage d oor with a factory white finish.  This garage door that was installed has a insulation rating of nine. This insulation rating is very effective against the changing weather. Older wood doors don’t compete with the new modern insulated steel doors. The garage door comes with Standard two inch Lift Hardware as well as Perimeter Weather Stripping.  With the door purchase the customer decided to upgrade to a new automatic LiftMaster™ Model 8355 Belt Drive Opener.  This LiftMaster™ opener arrived with two remotes and wireless digital keypad entry.   The new openers have a WiFi module built into the units for easy smart phone compatibility.

General Service Maintenance Package

Once the door and opener was installed the installer gave the garage door a general service maintenance package.  The maintenance of the door should be done once a year or better yet, just before a season is about to change.  The changing of seasons effects the operation of a garage door more than what one would think.  The cold and wet winter months will cause wood to expand resulting in a tight movement in wooden doors.  Insulated steel doors do not have as many seasonal operating issues that the wood doors have.

The dismantaling of old wood door before installation of new Insulated Steel garage Door in Coquitlam

Wood Door Removed Before Installation of Insulated Garage Door


After Installation of Therma Tech Insulated Steel Garage Door - Ranch Style

After Installation of Therma Tech Insulated Steel Garage Door – Ranch Style

North Delta Therma Tech T128 Ranch Long Panel Insulated Steel Door

Therma Tech Contemporary T108 Flush Face Section Door Before and After

Therma Tech™


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