Damaged Gear in Automatic Garage Door Operator in Burnaby

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Burnaby Damaged Gear in Automatic Garage Door Operator in

With this service call we had our customer call in with problems opening their garage door in Burnaby. With inspection we saw that the gear was damaged due to lack of lubrication and a unbalanced door.  When a door is unbalanced extra stress is expelled on the gear that will fail.  A replacement of the gear is a easy fix for someone that wants a quick and inexpensive repair.


Replacement of Gear

When the gear is replaced the technician will need to open the old operator and carefully remove the damaged part.  The procedure will usually take about 30 to 45 minutes with also a maintenance of the door.


[AFTER] New Liftmaster wall stationBurnaby New Opener Installation
[BEFORE] Old opener
Old Garage Door Opener
 [AFTER] Upgraded Liftmaster Opener
New Liftmaster Garage Door Opener


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