Remove and Reinstall in Downtown Burnaby

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With this service call we were working with our clients older motor which was over 20 years old. As you can see in our before picture the motor was due for an upgrade. Once we had removed our clients old motor we installed the 8355 Liftmaster Belt Drive motor. With the motor we included 1 remote and 1 keypad entry asour client requested.



 [BEFORE] No Digital Entry  [AFTER] New Digital Entry20160126_130122  
[BEFORE] Old Wall Station/ Push Button20160126_124104  [AFTER] Wall station push button20160126_124621
[BEFORE] No Safety Photo Eye  [AFTER] Photo Eye Liftmaster photo eye
[BEFORE] Old OpenerOLD OPERATOR [AFTER] New 8355 Liftmaster Belt Drive Opener20160126_125620


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