You’ve Always Got the Power

Today’s garage door openers won’t keep you waiting outside in the rain, or force you to manually disengage the opener and lift the door by hand. Now when the power goes out, your garage door opener will still work. The LiftMaster® 3585 a 3/4 HPS® is a professionally installed garage door opener with a fully-integrated standby power system. It will operate the garage door opener for 40 cycles within a 24-hour period when the power is out in your home, and recharges automatically when the power comes back on; an audible signal tells you when the power is out and the EverCharge® Standby Power System is in use. The safety and security features will continue to operate as well, ensuring your family is protected in a power failure. The opener also features smooth start and smooth stop to reduce the noise of the garage door as it opens and closes – perfect for homes with a room above the garage.

Safety First

If your opener was installed prior to 1993, you may be missing out on a great safety feature that is now required on all Canadian Garage Door Openers. Openers manufactured since that time require photoelectric eyes or some other device that provides equivalent protection against entrapment. Photoelectric eyes, mounted about six inches above the floor, cast an invisible beam across the door opening. If a door is closing and, for example, a child or pet were running underneath the door, they would “break” the beam, causing the door to automatically reverse. Because your garage door is the heaviest and largest moving part of your home, a new opener with entrapment protection makes a great deal of sense, particularly if you have small children. (Note – It’s important, too, to teach children that the Garage Door system is not a plaything.) Your Garage Door Dealer can help you choose the system that makes sense for your needs. Installers are fully trained to install and test the system for optimum performance and safe operation.

Key to your Home

Many folks don’t carry a house key anymore. Why? Many find it easier to enter their homes through the garage door, using a remote control or an external keypad. These devices have become the new “house keys” for many homeowners. These Keypads are especially popular with “Latchkey Kids” – children who come home to an empty house. Keypad use has more than doubled in the past 10 years. Convenience is the driving factor behind this trend, no more worries about lost or stolen keys.

Questions about the latest technology and safety in the garage door industry? Don’t hesitate to call us and ask us how our garage door professionals in Vancouver, BC can help improve the safety and convenience of your home with your garage door services.

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