Ready to see how your new garage door will look on your own home? Our supplier, Amarr Garage Doors, has provided an online door designer that allows you to not only design the look of your new door but also upload an image of your home to see how the styling will work with your house! This really cool app is completely free and lets users plan out the style that will best fit their house.
Start with the base door and add any customizations that you want – everything from stylized windows to trim and even hardware. You can completely customize your door to make it your own. The different colour pallete lets you choose the door that best suites the rest of your buildings structure. With over 150 different customizations you really are able to create any door you could ever want!
With the option to email your creation you can save the image and share with whoever – allowing you to get more opinions! Why not give it a try today? See how big of an improvement a new garage door can make to the street presence of your home!
Make sure to Contact Us if you have any questions or check out our Products to see how we can help improve the functionality of your garage as well as increase the street presence with a new garage door!

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