Service Call In Ladner

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Service Call In ladner

View of service call in Ladner

 You can see in the pictures above and below the cables have come loose. Loose cables could be a sign of something more serious: You could have broken or failing spring or springs. Your door could be out of balance. Your door could be off track. You may also have rollers that have failed or fallen out of the track. These are just examples and these or other factors not mentioned could have caused the cables to come loose or loosen. In this case, the rollers came out of the track.

View pf service call in Ladner

View of service call in Ladner

In these pictures you can see our technician has tightened the cables and replaced two rollers.

View of service call in Ladner

If you see this in your garage, call Access Garage Doors today @ 604-940-8918!

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